-Nature is separate from humans
-Raw materials

Manipulate to satisfy cultural needs

-Culture impacts nature, nature impacts culture

Zizek: we have to find value in the imperfections of trash.
Our foot print is natural.

The "Anthropocene"

-Humans are nature
-out of human control

-Powerful and unable to be controlled
-Attempt to separate ourselves from it.
"Every swimming pool wants to be a pond and every garden wants to be a meadow" -Timmerman

-Exceptionalism bridges both: defined through behaviour and the result.
-Natural disasters.
-Mother nature - feminine. Soft and gentle as a person. (subjective)
-Strong powerful, palpable - masculine.
-marriage between the two concepts - contingent


-Power is inherent to culture
-Shared mentality across populations
-Dictates ways of life

-Culture is the belief that humans are separate from nature
-Organizing or controlling nature
-Order from chaos
-Understanding nature

-Indigenous view points can be a segway between culture and a natural world

-Our relationship with nature, what we think of nature and what we've made from it.
-Our lifeline to death so we must seek to control it/avoid it
-A way of creating a legacy or "beating death".
Obliterating culture is worse than obliterating nature.
-Geometric or mathematical (symbolic)
-Different cultures exist.
Culture can be defined by geographical location, where you were born, you gender, the group(s) you belong to.
-The first thing you do when you buy a plot of land is put a fence around it.
-Has our finger prints on it. Is human-effected.
- ideals or feelings transform to cultural
-History - mostly written by men